Monday, October 20, 2008

Values Voters

I will say right now that I am not really a fan of either candidate, but this lady really highlights how frightening it is that this type of "values voter" does actually make up a significant portion of the electorate. 

This lady and I do have one thing in common: Even as an atheist, I feel the need to pray for her husband... though, I suspect that it is for entirely different reasons.


Jeremiah Bell said...

Holy shit!

I went home to visit my mom about a month ago. While sitting at the dinner table the election came up. My grandpa stated: "This election also has a spiritual aspect. It is a spiritual war." He firmly believes that he must vote Republican because Democrats are evil sinners. Insanity.

Atheist Dad said...

Sadly, I get the same thing from my in-laws. In fact, I just got a mass email from my mother in law that advised everybody to pray for the outcome of the election.