Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Results...Oh Boy

I am just waiting for my mother-in-law's reaction to the election.  She was sending my wife emails for months leading up to the election.  These emails got increasingly nuttier as the time went by; the culmination of these was when she had a revelation that Obama could very well be the antichrist.  She also mentioned that she and many other people were praying for the outcome of the election, especially that the anti gay marriage amendment would pass here in California. 

While I did NOT want Palin anywhere near the White House, I cannot really say that I am the biggest fan of Obama either, so while I am relieved at the results of the presidential election, I am not very excited either.  

On to the measures... I think my mother in law is having a bittersweet day today.

Prop 4:  
This piece of garbage would have made it necessary for a physician to notify the parents of any unemancipated  minor prior to providing an abortion.  It is amazing how much the religious right opposes abortion AND comprehensive sexual education. 

Prop 8: 
So it looks like we are going to have a constitutional amendment against gay marriage.  Hooray for biggotry.  I am truly amazed at how big of a moral dilemma people really think the idea of gay marriage is. Ugh.

Prop 48 (Colorado):
...And defeated by a landslide.  This would have superseded Roe v. Wade by declaring that a human life starts at the moment of conception, thus making abortion into murder.  This would have done the same for embryonic stem cell research.  A victory for women and for science! 

It is too bad about Prop 8,  but I am confident that this is just a temporary hurdle, as the gay community here is very tenacious and will not give up easily.