Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The conversation

Well... My wife did a great job talking with her sister.  I was a bit concerned because she has not been very good at conveying things that are deeply personal for her.  She let her other sister know that she had become an atheist a few months ago.  Apparently she had sidestepped to such an extent that her sister did not even know that she had stopped going to church.  Boy, was she surprised when I talked with her about how she felt about my wife abandoning her faith.

We finished our long letter in which we are letting family members know exactly why we do not believe in any god and why we do not want our daughter being talked to about religion before she is old enough to think critically.  The letter ended up being 13 pages long and being a little... well... blunt.  I believe we are going to use it only for family members who seem to have trouble understanding/respecting our position. 

I will probably post an edited version of the letter (to take out some of the more personal information) on here at some point in the next week.  

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