Monday, October 13, 2008

Breaking the news...

So tonight, my wife is going to be speaking with her sister about our situation.  The talk should be a decent exercise for my wife before she has to break the news to her parents.  Her sister is not religious, but goes far out of her way to do anything to keep her parents happy.  This ranges from going to church to NEVER consuming alcohol in their presence (the fact that she is in her 30's should provide some insight into just how conservative this family is).

My wife will be attempting to get some advice on how to approach the parents and will probably end up having to defend our decision to keep our daughter away from religious dogma.  Strangely enough, the sister has claimed that if she does have children, she will raise them as church-goers. The reason for this definitely escapes me.   

We shall see how this talk goes. 

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